Thursday, January 18, 2018

2017 Fav Posts

2017 was a great year for Life of Me, Queen B.
My blog grew.
I gained blog pals.
I learned sooo much.
& I fell more in love w/ blogging.

So here is a wrap up of my fav posts of 2017!!!

Which posts were your fav???

6. Proof series


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Senior Picturez + Life Lately

I've officially started my last semester of college... :'(
I'm so sad.
I could cry typing let's move on (:

Reading: Soooo I finished Harry Potter wooooo!!!! So naturally I started reading the spin off play Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. It's honestly not my fav bc it's destroying the image I have in my mind of HP, but still gotta finish.

Music: I've been so into soundtracks, specifically The Greatest Showman soundtrack and High School Musical soundtracks. They're just so happy and seriously put me in the best mood.

Eating: Ok so Mexican food is MY FAV EVER. I could eat it every meal, every day. So I've gotten into taco salads. SOO GOOD.
+ my roomie introduced me to black bean hummus. woah. real good. I don't actually like hummus at all, but this taste like mexican bean dip. 10/10 recommend


What Else: I've been working out again bc New Year's Resolutions.. yes I'm that girl. It seriously feels so good to actually be doing stuff again! 

What is up with y'all???????



Thursday, January 11, 2018

Game Day Outfit Round Ups

Monday was a sad night.
On Monday, the college football season was officially over.
In the spirit of keeping football alive I thought It would be fun to share a wrap up of what I wore to all the football games I went to this year!

If you haven't picked up on it yet.. I'm kinda a big Clemson fan, which means lots of orange LOL

I always try to wear Clemson colors bc obvi I'm going to a Clemson game, gotta rep my team. 
When picking an outfit, I go for comfort and is there a pocket for a granola bar.

No joke. I bring a granola bar to ever game in my pocket bc I always get so hungry at halftime and it's impossible to fight the crowd in the student section to go get food and somehow find your way back to your seat.

This is probz against the rules but YOLO.. it's better than sneaking in alc. amirite???


My jersey became my go to this season, specifically towards the end.
Mine is two sizes too big which makes it super comfy, roomy and the perfect thing to wear in hot and cold weather.

Mine is from some sketch place from China online but you can seriously find them so many places! 10/10 recommend investing in one.


Even though football season has come to a tragic end, I'm supes excited about next year bc

Go tigers.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018


A word I don't really take into consideration.
If you're anything like me, life is go go go.
I don't stop.
I'm a perfectionist and I feel like I can't say no to any good opportunity.
So I overwork myself, don't sleep, don't eat properly and am always exhausted.
It's no ones fault but my own.
I take on more than I can handle and I know that.
(going to start reading the best yes soon lol)

Last semester was specifically tough on me.
I would leave my apartment around 7:30 every morning and not get back until 11pm or later every night.
Not really healthy. 

I was having a starbz date one day with someone who quickly become a good friend and someone I've come to really look up to. She was talking about how she was feeling the same way and that she needed to take some time for herself.


She was talking about how Jesus only stepped into full time ministry, traveling and spreading news about Him for just a few years, before then he was a carpenter.
I never thought of that before.

Often during His travels, Jesus would sneak away for alone time with God and to fully rest in His presence.

Y'all, Jesus rested!

I feel like we live in such a fast paced and go go go society and we're wired to continuously keep going, when that's not what our bodies want or what God wants for us. 

As soon as she was saying the words about what was going on in her life, I knew that was God telling me to stop and rest.
This convo did happen the week before finals so I couldn't really not then lol.. so I made the decision that over Christmas break I was going to rest.

I didn't work and I've worked through the semesters and every break since I was 16.
I wasn't going to make lots of plans and try to see a lot of people while I was home.
I wasn't going to serve at church for those two weeks.
I was going to rest.
And I did.

Boy oh boy am I grateful I did.
I spent my Christmas break reading, hanging out with my parents and sleeping. lots of sleeping.
I've never really spent that long doing nothing before.

Rest can look very different for lots of people, but I knew I needed a mental, emotional and physical detox.

I feel like I'm still not fully recovered from the crazy of last semester.
But I'm more motivated now to do things than I was three weeks ago.

I've learned that it's okay to say no. I don't always need to hang out with friends, I don't have to say yes to every opportunity presented to me and I can't take on more than I could handle.

Stepping into my last semester of college, I'm going to make time for me and God, to rest in His presence and make sure I start getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night!

It's okay to not be okay.
It's okay to recognize that and make steps to being okay.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Fav Dress

First off, can we plz take a moment of silence for this outfit. 
It's seriously my fav right now. It can be worn so many different ways. It also comes in so many different colors. I'm probably going to buy them all in 2018. srynotsry.

I deff want to get it in orange and in black.
It's a suede material, WITH POCKETS, it's flowy, flattering and supes comfortable.

It's actually a pretty pricey dress but I found this one on poshmark for more than 50% off!!

I originally wore this dress to semi formal in November. Then, I paired it with some grey heeled booties and a long wrap necklace. I loved it.

Since it's been cooler and to make it a bit more casual here I paired it with my ride or die black striped turtleneck and over the knee boots + of course my everyday gold jewelry.

I love this look so much. It's probably one of my all time favorites.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

What I Got For Christmas

How precious are these photos my srat fam + I took! We sent out Christmas cards this year + to say that we are officially basic is an understatement!

This Christmas looked a lot different than they usually do. There were fam emergencies going on that just really make you realize the real reason for the season and forget the commercial stuff that comes with the Christmas season.

My fam + I did get to celebrate the season w/ some gifts which is always so fun! 
So this is the first one of these posts I've ever done, so like all the other posts/videos about it... I'm not sharing to brag or anything. I'm grateful for all I got. I did a insta poll and everyone said they wanted to see this post so that's what I'm doing!! 

Hope y'all enjoy!!!

- Lululemon Wonder Unders
omg literally the best thing ever. soooo comfy 10/10 recommend

-Gabrielle by Chanel
wow I promise I have never smelled something so wonderful in my life than this perfume. wow so boujee

-Gone with the Wind in dvd
I luuuuuv old movies. + this is an all time fav. like Scarlett is so fab there is no denying it.

-Cards Against Humanity
My roomies + I always play uno, which I love, but I was just thinking that we should expand our horizons and play something new lol

-Bio Ionic Straightener
basically the straightener I had, I had had since 7th grade sooo deff time for an upgrade + I've used it twice so far and it's sooo good!!

-Bath & Body Works Candles
My mom + I are obsessed w/ these candles so we always stock up when there are sales!! 

-Nike Rosches
I know these were in like 5 years ago but it's never too late to hop on a trend right??? They're light grey and soooo cute!!

-Modern Renassaince
wow this palette deff lives up to the hype!!!

It was a very happy Christmas @ the Johnson house + I am seriosuly soooo grateful for all the fab presents my fam was able to get me this year!

What were your fav presents you got for Christmas???


Thursday, December 28, 2017

NYE Dress + Goals for 2018

How gorg is this dress??? I'm seriously obsessed with it. 

B L A C K  V E L V E T.

Unless you've been under a rock for the past year, you would know that velvet is all the rage and right on trend, especially when it comes to holiday dresses.
+ flare sleeves are obvi a fav trend of mine at the moment. These ones are so fun bc of the asymmetrical cuts. I'm a fan. 

This dress is 100% what I would wear if I had a fun holiday party to go to or if I was going out on NYE.
but honestly, I plan on ordering pizza and watching movies by myself on New Year's and I am pretty pumped about it.  

What New Year's Eve plans do y'all have????

Every year is like a fresh start so I feel it's important to set new goals and get pumped for a new year. 2018 is going to be a big year for me, so it'll probz be best to be motivated and actually do something w/ my life. LOLZ.

I like to make realistic goals and not ones that I know I won't complete but still challenging myself in some way. 

So here are some things I want to do in 2018.

1. Travel somewhere new.

2. Grow my blog.

3. Get an adult job. 

4. Be kinder to others.

5. Cook more. 

6. Read more.

7. Save my $$$$

8. get a 4.0 my last semester

What are you New Year's goals???