Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What I ACTUALLY wear to class #1

Here's to another back to school post to get you pumped + ready to take on the new year.
I always see these elaborate BTS videos and posts with a bunch of super cute clothes that we never actually wear to class. Well at least I don't. If you go to a school like mine, hills + heat are a real thing. 
+ I would rly rather not be walking across campus in 90 degree weather in a cute outfit that I'm just going to sweat in. srynotsry.

So this week's post are going to be a mini series on what I ACTUALLY wear to class. 

My typical school days up until this point have been on campus from 8am until 6pm or later depending on the day. So I choose comfort over fashionable. Yes there are days where I dress up a little more for certain events, presentations, etc. But on an average day to day basis you can catch me in this week's combo posts outfits (idk if that makes sense, but let's roll with it).


A cute little graphic tee can go a long way and can be styled 100 different ways. For class I choose to throw one on over jeans, jean shorts or running shorts for the whole athleisure look.

This tee is from a company from my hometown called Imperishable Clothing. I love their stuff!

I paired this tee with jean shorts and slip on sandals to bring added comfort for the classroom.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow for outfit #2!!


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  1. I'm kind of in love with this outfit! Casual is definitely the key to being comfortable in class :)