Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Travel Guide: Clemson, SC

 Here's a new blog series I want to do occasionally. I love traveling (lol I don't really do it though) + going on little adventures with friends finding some fun new places to eat, shop and of corse take them insta pics, ya feel me??? 

So today's first Favorite Things is featuring the wonderful + grand: Clemson, SC. I've been going to Clemson literally my entire life so I've definitely discovered some fun things to do in the area + I just wanted to share them with you all to show you some of the reasons why this is my favorite place!! 

1. Death Valley.
Ok this one might seem silly, but sometimes when I'm just having a bad day, or it's a great day and I'm out running errands, I always somehow find myself driving by the stadium to get a glimpse of pure happiness. I blame this on my dad who always said growing up and still til this day, he will not come and leave Clemson without driving by the stadium and I can honestly say I doubt he ever has not driven by when he's in town. #obsessed

2. All In. 
Not much better than enjoying double chocolate cake while struggling to get homework done. While I'm not always productive here bc I typically go with friends, I love the atmosphere and the yummy treats. I literally spent everyday at All In my freshman year + idk how my wallet survived.

3. Rowing Dikes. 
Nothing better than spending a pretty day walking the dikes with some gal pals. They literally have the best view of campus + Lake Hartwell and are always full of friendly faces and energetic pups (:

4. Abernathy Park.
There's this really secluded park in downtown and it really is such a relaxing escape. I find myself here a lot during stressful weeks and a lot when the weather is warm. The park is right on the lake with bench swings, tables and a short walking trail. It's the best place to get out and have some real intentional Jesus time bc there's hardly anyone ever there + it has the best little view. 

5. The Smoking Pig
In my personal opinion, it's the best tasting bbq I have ever had. They have the best side dishes and those are really what they are known for. Make sure you get there early bc there is always a line!

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