Saturday, June 10, 2017

Breaking Up with...

Well first off, let's just LOL @ the fact I'm writing a post about why I am tired w/ social media & I am sharing it on social media.

The irony.

oh well.

Social Media.

It's a blessing and a curse.
It's super fun and a great way to keep in contact with old pals.
It's fun to creep on people (bc we all do).
It's fun to share exciting things happening in out lives.

Trust me, I am a fan of social media. I think it's great.

But I am also so tired of it & I think we're taking a break.

"It's not me, it's you."


It's constantly there.
It's always changing.
You feel like you always have to scroll through your feed.
You spend 30 minutes every morning just scrolling.

& it's so annoying.
It's suffocating.

Obvi, we don't have to do this, we choose to, well at least I do. &  it really is just a waste of time and can be extremely negative.


I'm tired of thinking that if I like someone's picture or they like mine that we're still the bff's that we once were.

I'm tired of thinking that if I snapchat the same person every day and we have a streak that that is considered a friendship.

bc it's not.

I am tired of waiting to get that certain "like" or "snap" from someone.

I am tired of relying on social media as a form of communication.

I am tired of thinking people's lives are perfect bc of how they are portrayed on social media

(I am so guilty of this. I am 100% a perfectionist at heart and want everyone to believe I have it all together. Guess what? I don't. I am far from perfect).

I am tired of the comparison it brings into my life.
"Wow she gets so many likes"
"wow she has so many pals"
"what's wrong with me?"
"why am I not cool like that?"

Bc when we stand before God one day we're not going to tell him how many likes we got on that picture, how many snap streaks we kept and how many days in a row we checked our time hop.


If someone truly wants to be apart of your life, that'll show when social media isn't there.

& the people who you don't talk to when social media isn't there, are the people that shouldn't have had as much "bff status" in the first place and really don't care about you like you thought they did.

trust me.
It's okay.


So far I have been without snapchat for almost three weeks.
& I honestly don't know if I am going to get it back.
It is absolutely freeing not having it and I 10/10 recommend everyone deleting it for at least a day or two to see how wonderful it is.
(Streaks are not eternal)

I have been off and on of Instagram for about three weeks as well, to occasionally post on my story, and see the top 3 or 5 posts on my feed. I haven't looked farther than that and it's super nice (the only plus of this new algorithm, only my bffs show up at the top).


It's genuinely just a refreshing and freeing feeling.

I didn't say all of this to go on and on about how awful social media is and we should all get rid of it now.
I'm saying this to say it's okay to break up with social media for a while.
which is what I am going to do, for a little while at least.

If you want a change of pace this summer, if you want to re-devote that time to something else, I am encouraging you to do it.

Since social media and I have parted ways, I have been more intentional in my time with the Lord (praise hands, literally), I've blogged more, read more, worked out more, etc.
I've done things I truly enjoy doing bc it's crazy how much time we spend sitting and scrolling.

Disclaimer: Yes, I still have blog social media accounts and I don't plan on getting rid of those. Those aren't "social media" to me, those are fun and a hobby for me, just like blogging is.

Find a balance that is right for you.

Ok soapbox done.


I hope you all are enjoying your summer and making the most out of it!
What have you all been up to and what are your summer plans??? Let me know in the comments.


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