Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Guilty Pleasures:

Hey Hey Hey!!!
Here's to day 5 of 21 in 21 bc #21!!! 

We all have those things in life that just make the day better, whether it's a sweet treat to indulge in, relaxing activities, etc. There's nothing like having a rough day and treating yourself to a guilty pleasure that you find comfort in. Since being in college, I have definitely found my favorite things to treat myself in order to keep motivated & brighten the day! 
Here they are...

1. Hot Tea & Sweet Tea.
Ok. I'm actually addicted. I drink tea for caffeine, motivation, and to wind down and relax. It's definitely my weakness. 

2. All In's Double Chocolate Cake.
I'm not a big chocolate or sweet person but there is nothing better than this cake. It definitely is the best sweet treat in Clemson. 

3. Candles & Cozy.
Twinkle lights, candles, & a good Netflix show... literally how to sum up my perfect night.

These are my top 3 ways to wind down and indulge myself in to treat my self. There are plenty more, trust me, but that list could go on forever...

Thanks for reading today!! 
Hope you have a fab day!! 

Talk to ya'll tomorrow.



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