Monday, December 5, 2016

Life Updates

It's finals week. YAY. 
I'm currently writing this post to procrastinate from studying for my exam I have in the morning. But it's all good. While I'm stressed out this week, I figured I should look at some less stressful times recently and be thankful. 

Thankful > stressful

So this past weekend I got to travel to Orlando, Fl to watch Clemson win the ACC! It was so fun. The game was stressful, shocking I know. But we all had a blast & I'm so thankful I got to take some time and relax with friends. Now Clem is playoff bound!!!! AHHH! I'm so pumped. I love Clemson Football. 

My fav SK mixer was last week: Tacky Christmas! It was supes fun!! I love Christmas!! I may have dabbed a bit too much but YOLO

Clemson beat south carolina 56-7!!!!!!!!! I love beating them. It was so fun. Nothing better than night games in the Valley beating the chickens.

Gilmore Girls Revival came out and I'm a bit upset. I won't spoil anything but I just want Logan and Rory together 4everrrrrr.

After my exam Thursday morning, I am officially on Christmas break!!! YAY! I'm ready for a break from school but not a break from Clem. So my roommates & I have decided to hang around for a few days to avoid life and have some good ole gal pal time!!! Can you say Yay for roommate Christmas?????

But yeah... that's life lately. Guess I gotta study now.
Catch ya on the flip side.


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