Thursday, December 8, 2016

Junior Year Part 1 Wrap Up

Like all seasons of life, this one was filled with ups and downs and even a few cork screws. I was adult, childish and everywhere in between. This morning I finished my last exam of Fall semester & boy was I ready to be done with classes. For some reason, I just couldn't get into a rhythm and schedule this semester which led to a lot of procrastination and a lot of sleepless nights and early mornings. 
At the end of certain seasons of life, I like to reflect and see the work God did in my life. It reminds me to be grateful for the good and the bad. So here's to Fall Semester Junior Year.

1. Fam.
Wow. Where do I begin. Last Fall when I joined SK, I honestly didn't want littles. I just didn't understand it and honestly didn't want to spend the money. But Jesus loves telling me, even on the little things how wrong and selfish I am. So this fall He gave me twins. Yep. TWO LITTLES. I feel like such a proud mom when I talk about how awesome they are. *tears up* They are the perfect mix of me. They listen to all my pointless problems and are literally always there to cheer me up, celebrate in successes and give me a hug and support in failures. Words cannot describe the love I have for them. I'm so incredibly thankful God gave them to me, right when I needed them most. 
& my Big, Biggie Bay.
Such a ray of sunshine on any cloudy day. From watching her superb dance skills (especially @ functions) or going to small group together, she's been so great to me this semester. I know she'll always try to make me smile and push me when I don't want to. 
So basically, I ended up with the best fam bam a girl could have. 
Thx Jesus. U da real MVP.

2. Let go.
Life gets to a point where you just need to let the past go and move on. It's okay to lose friends. It makes you better, stronger. Don't be bitter, be grateful for the time ya'll had. & let it go.

3. Serve.
This semester I started serving in Kidspring at church & I absolutely love it! I've only been serving for a few weeks now, but I have already learned so much through the kids and I am really seeing God's impact in their lives and it is such and awesome and powerful thing to see!

4. Timing.
Everything happens in God's timing. We can't change that. His timing in perfect & watching it unfold is beautiful. 

5. School.
Grades do not define me.
Grades do not define me.
Grades do not define me.
Grades do not define me.
Grades do not define me.

6. Me.
It's okay to be alone.
It's normal to feel rejected from people.
I'm not (that) weird because of it.

7. Friends.
They weren't kidding when they said the friends you make in college will be the friends you have the rest of your life. Bc when ya know, ya know. & I seriously have been blessed with the greatest group of people here at Clemson. They laugh with me, laugh at me, and are always there to make late night cookies with. Those are simply the best kind. Special shoutout to the Ladiez of 1232.

So guyz, it's been a fab semester & I'm so thankful for the great times I've had this semester. Like my fav srat functions (Semi, Tacky, Shootout), Clemson football games, roomie chats, etc. 
I'm thankful for the not so good times. Like Clemson football (if ya know, ya know), life changes, or even that 65 I got on a painting for English class (I'm super artistic if you couldn't tell).
I'm thankful for this season and all the joy it brought.
I'm looking forward to Junior Year Part 2. So stay tuned. 

Bye Finalz.
Bye Clem ;(
Helllooooooo Christmas!!!

Bye guyz.

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