Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Weekend Woohoo

1. The secret is out!!! I got two littles!!!! I'm 100% obsessed with them. They're so cute and just little rays of sunshine. I'm so happy that they are mine!! Our reveal theme was Dr. Seuss. So of course I had to get Thing 1, 2 & 3 shirts!!! Our bows were blue tule and glitter! I love glitter lol. I'm still finding it all in my room too! Oh well...
Welcome to the dynasty fam M & M! 

2. Homecoming!!!! 
Friday my roommates & I decided to go look at all the floats on Bowman Field. In case you don't know, each year for homecoming student organizations, particularly greek life, participate in building extravagant floats on Bowman field. It's a big ordeal and everyone takes it super seriously. There is exactly five days to build and pomp the float, so it basically takes an army... or just really stressed out, overwhelmed college students. Students stay out building the floats all week long, 24/7. & I'm not kidding when I say 24/7. There is always people out there working on the float. This year Sigma Kappa paired with AGR & ADPi and we came in 2nd place in the competition!

3. Game!!!
Well, Clemson football is 7-0!!!! 
But it sure didn't come without it's heart attacks, tears and lots of prayers. Saturday we beat NC State in overtime. It was one of the most stressful games of my life. But the feeling of winning was too good. It was like a weight off our shoulders (bc of course it feels like everyone in the stands was actually playing the game).  Now we have a well deserved bye-week and time to rest before a road game. 

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