Friday, October 14, 2016

Life Updates:

^^^^ what I wish i had done this week

1. I met Dabo Swinney Wednesday night! I've met him before but it is always super fun to get to see him places around town! Everyone was freaking out. He's a real celebrity haha

2. BIG/LITTLE Reveal is Sunday!!!!!! OMG I am so excited! Stay tuned via insta, snap & more! 

3. I found out I like crafting, sometimes... 

4. It's homecoming week!!! That means floats and pomping and orange and lots of people and concerts and ahhh I love Clem. Stay tuned to see our float via insta, snap and more!

5. Last weekend was the Walk to End Alz in Greenville! So much fun! 

6. Ben & Lauren aired on ABC Family (refuse to call it freeform) & it was cheesy. Not surprised, but also super cute and super real. I'll probz keep watching bc I am obsessed.

7. Aw I got such a cute semi dress! Guess where? you know the place.

8. I seem to have an easy week of classes next week and I am so excited. I need a little down time to sleep. 

9. Last night was the first night I got more than 5 hours of sleep in a week so YIPEE!

10. I'm obsessed with my pinterest right now. Just something about fall that makes a girl wanna pin. Check out all that I've been obsessing over! 

Happy Friday! 


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