Friday, August 19, 2016

Elizabeth?? Srat??

Neither of my parents were greek and they honestly didn't want me to go through recruitment but, they supported my decision and let me go through formal recruitment Fall 2015.

It was terrifying.
Long days, long nights, early mornings.
All to find the place I call "home".

I was scared I wasn't going to find it.

But I did.

The second round of recruitment was Philanthropy round.
Philanthropy and volunteering and service was always something I've loved and I wanted to be apart of a chapter that took their philanthropy seriously and really made a difference.

I went in to Sigma Kappa's round where they talked about the five philanthropies.

S-Sigma Kappa Foundation
I-Inherit the Earth
G- Gerontology
M- Maine Sea Coast Mission
A- Alzheimer's Research

They shared a video on the ways the philanthropy events and on Alzheimer's and it's affects on people.

After the video, I was talking to Holly and I just started crying.
Early that summer my Papa was diagnosed with dementia.
I told Holly and she started getting teary too. 
Her Grandpa had passed away the year before of Alzheimer's, that's why she went Sigma Kappa.
It was an instant connection I'll never forget.

& in that moment I knew I wanted to be a Sigma Kappa.

Last year, Kappa Pi raised over $25,000 for the Alzheimer's Association, the largest donation in South Carolina and the 4th largest amount of all Sigma Kappa chapters.

That's something to be proud of.

I've been apart of this chapter for about a year now and it's great.
I love the friends I've made!
They're great.
They're sisters.

I'm happy to be a Sigma Kappa at the Clemson University Kappa Pi chapter.

This weekend starts formal Fall recruitment and I'm excited.
Yes, I'm going to be super tired and my feet are going to hurt but it's going to feel so good when we see the brand new baby doves running down the hill on bid day. YAY!

One Heart, One Way. 


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