Thursday, May 19, 2016

Shop Til I Drop

I confess, I am a shopaholic. I know it & anyone who has ever met me knows it. I just love getting a new outfit and feeling so great about myself. (Disclaimer: I know I don't need cute clothes to feel good about myself). Shopping is just a fun hobby. Throughout the years, I have found my style and of course my favorite places to shop, so I'd love to share my favorite places with you all!

1. Okay. This place is holy grail. I probably shop here on weekly basis, actually yeah I do shop there on a weekly basis. Dress Up. Dress Up is a boutique with lots of locations in Georgia and South Carolina. The style is on point and the purpose of the store is something I'm very passionate about. 
+ I'm an itGirl for the store (aka brand rep)
My discount code is EJOHNSON10 for 10% off!

2. Old Navy.
It's not just your typical stay at home mom store anymore, maybe sometimes. They carry a lot of J.Crew knock-offs. bc who can really afford J.Crew... not this college gal.

3. With that being said, J.Crew specifically J.Crew Factory (bc college duh). I definitely have a preppy style and J.Crew is the epitome of any and all preppy style.

4. Fiore Boutique.
Located in GA & SC. Everything is pretty and preppy and they carry Lilly + bright colors galore. It's such a fun and lively place to shop with great products.

5. Lilly Pulitzer.
Bright colors.
Beautiful patterns.
Impeccable quality.

I encourage you to check these places out & let me know what ya'll think!


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