Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Top Netflix Picks

Just like many of you, I am Netflix obsessed. There is just simply nothing better than curling up in the bed after a long day to watch the latest season. Even though, I've watched my fair share of shows I seem to always find myself reverting back to my favorites. 

1. Gossip Girl is my all time favorite Netflix show.
 Blair & Serena's lives are entirely captivating. They live such a life of luxury. Ahh I love it!

2. One Tree Hill.
Oh my. Such an incredible show. This is a timeless show for all ages.
Lucas & Nathan.
Haley & Nathan. **insert heart eyes**
Brooke Davis.
Just watch the show. It'll change your life.

3. Gilmore Girls.
A beautiful mother-daughter relationship that reminds me a lot of my my relationship with my mom & myself.

4. Carrie Diaries.
A spin-off of Sex in the City, the Carrie Diaries displays the struggles of a teenage girl pursuing her dreams. This show is no longer on Netflix & I am deeply saddened by that. 

5. Fuller House.
A spin-off of Full House, this show just floods back childhood memories. It's an upbeat show that'll make you laugh and that's what matters, right?

Let me know any shows that ya'll watch that you would recommend (:


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