Thursday, August 17, 2017

The best crossbodies

Cross bodies are one of a college gal's top essentials. They're the most practical bag for all activities of living in college. Girl's nights, date nights, game days, shopping, etc. 
It's so important to have a good cross body. They are a major staple for any wardrobe.

 Here are some of the ones I've been eyeing lately and I just want to get my hands on them.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Denim Skirts + unshakeable JOY

       Okay. These are probably some of my fav blog pictures ever. There's just something that  vacationing at the beach does. You feel rejuvenated, catch up on some much needed sleep and just get to actually relax for a few days. 

+ That is exactly what I did a few weeks back on my family vacation.
I just rly love the beach. It makes me happy.

With these pictures + outfit being some of my favs, I found it only fitting to share it with a update on what God has been doing in me lately. This is a double BANG post. So hold on tight.

Something Jesus has definitely been teaching me lately is finding joy.

This summer I've spent the summer living in my apartment in Clemson with my best friend working a full time internship. + I feel that where I am at right now, I've never been happier.

Each and every morning, I've made a conscience effort of waking up a little earlier and digging into the word. Yes, I do this through the school year as well, but I feel like I've made it more of a top priority and have woken up earlier instead of just squeezing that time into my day while trying to run out the door to class.

Through spending much more intentional time with Him, spending time with my true pals, not missing church or small group, serving, and being in my favorite place in the world, I have never felt as much joy, true and authentic REAL joy, than I have throughout this summer.

I feel like I've been a better person, I've grown, maybe matured a little and have grown more confident in myself and in who He wants me to be.

With school just one week away, I want this season to continue. I want to continuously be filled with His joy and show that to all those around me. I want to continue relentlessly pursuing Him + His kingdom in a more intentional manner. 
All day, err day.

I am so so thankful for this season, because so far it's been my favorite. Sure there have been struggles, stressful days that I feel like will never end, but through it all there has been a peace over me. A peace that comes from something way bigger than myself. I cannot begin to express how good this summer has been to me. I've cried so many times recently thinking about it (no I rly have).

The past few summers have looked completely different for me. I've been home, working, hanging with my fam and hanging with my pup. Don't get me wrong I love all of those things so much, but I was so sad and down in my ruts. I always feel so lonely when I go home for extended amounts of time, but I think it's because I've found such great community and friendships in Clemson.

Y'all this summer rocked. like seriously. I didn't do anything crazy. I worked an internship that I came to love and I got to spend time in my fav place with the guy that created it all + that's all I needed.

So here's my advice to those feeling down, alone, sad, scared, whatever it is. Make a deeper effort in getting in the word. I know some people don't like worship music but it's literally my jam, download a hillsong album turn the volume up and sing your little heart out, every morning.  Just try it.

"Every morning when I rise, give me Jesus."

I'm refusing to let this joy go, the devil might try + break me but he ain't gonna shake me.

ily all so much. + I hope someone got something out of this. This is just a little glimpse of my heart and what I feel God wanted me to share with you all.



Thursday, August 10, 2017

What I ACTUALLY wear to class #3 +Fav Songs


Keeping up with the comfy theme, I went for total atheleisure. A cute striped tee with running shorts is the perfect way to look cute + be totally comfortable.

Shop this look here:



Fav Songs right now:

-Unforgettable-Thomas Rhett
-Open Heaven- Hillsong
-Two Ghosts- Harry Styles
-Hometown Girl- Josh Turner

Can't wait to take on senior year. Let's goooooo!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What I ACTUALLY wear to class #2

+ Here is my typical everyday look. Easy, comfy, not presentable at all, but ready to grind out some work. 

I'm thankful Jesus made oversize comfort colors t-shirts a thing. #tsm

Running short. Idk why they are so comfy, but they are. not complaining.

I am also obsessed with my tennis shoes. These are seriously my third pair of this type. They are Nike Free Runs + flyknit. They're the most comfy shoes ever. I could wear them everyday if that was appropriate. Seriously invest in some.

I am also accessorizing with a headband (to keep them locks out of my face when they're in the books), my two fav necklaces and my watch.

My book bag is North Face that I've had since freshman year. It has endured a lot through the past few years. I recommend it as a good everyday college life book bag. 



C U tomorrow for the next post!!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What I ACTUALLY wear to class #1

Here's to another back to school post to get you pumped + ready to take on the new year.
I always see these elaborate BTS videos and posts with a bunch of super cute clothes that we never actually wear to class. Well at least I don't. If you go to a school like mine, hills + heat are a real thing. 
+ I would rly rather not be walking across campus in 90 degree weather in a cute outfit that I'm just going to sweat in. srynotsry.

So this week's post are going to be a mini series on what I ACTUALLY wear to class. 

My typical school days up until this point have been on campus from 8am until 6pm or later depending on the day. So I choose comfort over fashionable. Yes there are days where I dress up a little more for certain events, presentations, etc. But on an average day to day basis you can catch me in this week's combo posts outfits (idk if that makes sense, but let's roll with it).


A cute little graphic tee can go a long way and can be styled 100 different ways. For class I choose to throw one on over jeans, jean shorts or running shorts for the whole athleisure look.

This tee is from a company from my hometown called Imperishable Clothing. I love their stuff!

I paired this tee with jean shorts and slip on sandals to bring added comfort for the classroom.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow for outfit #2!!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Life Lately

So I haven't updated you all on all the exciting happenings of my life lately so I figured it was time.

All the exciting happenings mean pretty much nothing has been going on.

1. I'm still working my internship full time which I love! My last day in the office for this summer before recruitment starts is next Friday! It's crazy how fast this summer has flown by.

2. Since I last updated you all, I went on a family vacation to the beach where I took these pictures for this post!  It was so much fun! It is my favorite week of the year bc I get to spend it with my family at the beach, like it doesn't get better than that.

3. Life is about to get really crazy bc recruitment it about to start!! (YAY GO SK) So I may be mia for a while, but I still plan to have posts planned during that time!

4. I have been obsessed with these new arrivals. srsly check them out. I need everything. I've got to go on a major Fall shopping spree.

5. I am trying to post more on my insta story so I can really get to know you guys better to hit me up with that follow button.

6. My current wish list:




Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Plan with Me!

It's time for new planners!!!! YAY. If you're type A like me, you love for a new planner to organize your whole life in and write down every little detail. 
My planner is like my child, my diary, my lifeline.
I always have it with me.
Which makes it important that it has to be pretty and has to be manageable.

Two years ago I tried the whole day designer thing and it honestly stressed me out. I didn't like how I couldn't see my whole week lined out on one page (stupid, I know), but I just knew that was not the planner for me.
So about a week after living a highly stressed life of hating to turn pages, I went out and bought my go to planner.

The Lilly Agenda.

Yes, it's super simple but that's what I love about it. It's not complicated to use. I can see my whole week. If something changes it's not a hassle to re-plan in it. + They're really pretty. (:

I've been using Lilly Pulitzer planners since my senior year of high school and I really recommend them. My fav is the large agenda. 
It's a good size with plenty of room to write but also compact enough that you can throw it in your purse going to meetings and does not take up much room in your book bag. 

I'm obsessed. It might be my favorite agenda print yet!

I'm so excited to break it out and conquer senior year with my trusty little planner as my sidekick. + if you haven't gotten your planner yet I 10/10 recommend trying out a Lilly one!

What is your go to agenda????